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Broadleaf Timber

Broadleaf Timber can supply a range of wood flooring suitable for underfloor heating and offer advice on selection and fitting.


Thermotech Screed

Our pumped screed division

Other Companies and Products with Similar Names

Thermo-Tec Automotive Products Based in Greenwich, Ohio USA
Thermo-Tec provides exhaust and heat protection solutions for every type of motorsport and automotive application.

Thermotec Systems Based in Burnham, Buckinghamshire UK
Thermotec Systems is the leading technical service provider for the UK thermal engineering market. Located throughout England and bring many years of experience to promote the efficient operation of gas fired dryers, ovens, thermal oxidisers, cremators with additional experience for web handling equipment in the web-offset printing industry.

Enotec Based in Marienheide Germany with a UK base in Dumfries
Enotec manufacture THERMOTEC high temperature thermocouples.

Search for Thermotec Fleece Based in unknown
A Web search for Thermotec Arctic Fleece products including blankets and gloves from various suppliers.

Thermotec Australia Pty Ltd Based in Milperra NSW 1891, Australia
Suppliers of specialist thermal insulation products for the building and heating industry, including floor insulation.

Thermo-Tec Inc. Based somewhere in the USA
Thermo-Tec produces wearable cryotherapy devices to help keep you cool in hot weather or work environments.

Thermotec Comunicacion Corporativa S.A. Based in Madrid España
Thermotec Corporate Communications specialise in corporate communication needs, including graphic design, Web site design and DVD production.

THERMOTEC 2009 Based in Japan
THERMOTEC 2009 Japan 22 July 2009 - 24 July 2009 An International Trade Show on Industrial Furnaces, Heat Treatment and Thermal Process — International Foundry and Metallurgy Trade Show

THERMOtec earmoulds Based in Ramsau Germany
Soft earmoulds rigid at room temperature from Bachmaier

Thermotec Based in Wildeshausen Germany
Thermotec GmbH manufactures plants and equipment components from alloy steel-stainless according to customer drawings. Including heating exchangers and turnong flaps.

Thermotec Plastics Based in Witton, Birmingham UK
Specialists in vacuum forming and assemblies, components such as ashtrays, heating ducts, and as large as wheel arch liners, from ABS, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate.

Thermotec Based in Bornem Belgium
Thermotec offer a wide range of products: compact process chillers up to 1000 kW, split installations, heat exchangers, laser coolers, etc.

Advance Boiler & Tank Co. Based in Wisconsin USA
Advance Thermotec, a division of Advance Boiler & Tank Co., work with refractory projects involving: Hard Brick & I.F.B.s, Ceramic Fiber, Plastics, Castables and Insulation Board. They also carry a range of industrial products specializing in heat transfer from metal melting and steam generation to air moving and cooling. While Advance Boiler & Tank Co. have served the power generation, water treatment, commercial, industrial and utility industries.

Thermo Tec USA Based in Grass Valley USA
ThermoTec manufacture aircraft and glider canopies to high standards using a large evenly heated oven with smart electronic thermostat.

Sterling Sensors Ltd Based in Oldham UK
Sterling Sensors Ltd is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of temperature sensors. In 2003 the merger and acquisition of G&MB Fitmec and Thermotech Co to form what is now Sterling Sensors Ltd has further enhanced our products and technical expertise

Thermotech Fire Protection Limited Based in Stockport UK
Thermotech Fire Protection Limited offers design, servicing and maintenance of all types of fixed Fire Protection Systems, such as Deluge Systems, Foam Systems, Wet Systems and Dry Systems.

Thermotech Based in Hopkins USA and Mexico
Thermotech is a technology-driven contract manufacturing company specializing in precision injection moulding and assembly. They processes most types of both thermoplastic and thermoset resins and can assess the application, without bias, for the most cost effective material option, and evaluate high temperature applications.

Thermotech Ltd / Sente Software Ltd Based in Guildford UK
Thermotech / Sente Software software for calculating properties of many materials including: Temperature stepping calculations, Solidification calculations, Thermo-physical and physical properties during solidification (specific heat, latent heat, density, thermal expansion, volume change, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and resistivity, liquid viscosity, liquid diffusivity)
Thermo-physical and physical properties (calculated for the whole temperature range including in the liquid phase) specific heat, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity.

Thermotech Windows Based in Ottawa, Canada
Thermotech Windows offer a range of windows including their Fibreglass maximum energy efficiency windows in custom colours.

Thermotech Air Conditioning Ltd Based in Stockport UK
We can find no Web site for this one but the telephone number is 0161 4765551

Thermotech Scandinavia AB Based in Sweden
We know they do underfloor heating but, at the time of viewing, there is very little in English on the site.

Go Systems - Thermotech Camping Stove Based in ?
Plenty of people selling the Thermotech stove, just do a search for it.

Thermo-Tech Windows Based in Minnesota USA
Windows and doors featuring maintenance-free vinyl, LoE˛™ heat-reflecting glass with insulating argon gas, dramatically improves energy efficiency while surpassing all industry and government codes and standards earning the coveted Energy Star® rating for all climate zones.

Thermotech Engineering Services (Scotland) Ltd Based in Glasgow Scotland
Thermotech Scotland can undertake heating and electrical services for our clients as a stand alone service, or as part of a complete HVAC contract, by working in close conjunction with our associate company.

ThermoTech from Caslon Ltd Based in St. Albans UK
A range of thermography machines including the Thermotech 12, 15, 20 and 30 with feautres such as ceramic fibre heaters that have been divided into a wide central zone and two narrow zones on each side. This zoned system allows smaller stocks to be produced without using the full heater width, this saving energy.

V-Smart Thermotech Based in Pune India
No Web site details available: Telephone 91-20-25380289. Foundry Equipment or Plant , Electronic Component Brokers , Electronic Components , Electronic Equipment , Foundry Materials available from V-Smart Thermotech.

Thermotech (UK) Ltd Based in Grimsby UK
Refrigeration Engineers Tel: 01472 587571

Thermo Tech Mechanical Inc Based in Bronx USA
Mechanical services including: Furnaces & Boilers, Heat Pumps, Heating And Air Conditioning (718) 991-5044

Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd Based in Worcester UK
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. is the UK operation of the Bosch group’s heating and hot water division. European wide, Bosch is an industry leader in heating and hot water preparation products.

Thermo Tec Based in Cairo Egypt
THERMO TEC company is the specialist in the field of thermo Couple and RTD "Resistance Temperature Detectors"

Defenda Thermotec Insulated Boxes Based in Coventry UK
Originally designed for the control of temperatures whilst transporting medical products, our polystyrene boxes and lids have become increasingly popular with those wishing to ship valuable Koi carp, Live Tropical Fish, Reptiles, Insects and Live Coral. Either on their own, or combined with a cardboard outer they will extend considerably the time that temperature sensitive livestock will remain viable whilst in transit. Their pre-formed design can create storage problems for those with limited space and can be more expensive to ship to you initially. The alternative is to use our equally well performing polystyrene carton liners, which are shipped flat packed along with the cardboard carton, allowing considerable space & monetary savings.

Thermo Tec Based in Umma Germany
Suppliers of metering equpment including: Heating Distribution, Heat meter, Cold water meters and Water meters.

Thermotec Based in Austria and Germany
Supplier of building insulation products and screed binders.

Thermotech Engineering Based in Maharagama, Sri Lanka
M & E division (Building services contractor) services include Air condition, Ventilation, Heavy steel fabrications, Heating, Pre-fabricated buildings.

Thermotec Glue Sticks Tec-N-Tec Inc Based in Montreal Canada
Suppliers of ThermoTec Hot Melt Sticks, ThermoTec Hot Melt Pellets, ThermoTec Hot Melt in Block and ThermoTec Hot Melt in Ball