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Why Choose Underfloor Heating

Compare the characteristics in the table below
Underfloor Heating versus conventional radiator heating systems   Underfloor Heating versus conventional radiator heating systems
Underfloor heating produces radiant heat directly beneath your feet and places you in a comfort zone thatís ideal for your health and wealth.
  • More environmentally friendly than radiators due to the lower energy demands
  • Invisible heat source
  • Design freedom
  • Easy to decorate
  • Lower running costs
  • More comfortable heat
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Safer for children and the elderly
  • Eliminate thermal draught
  • Reduced carpet mites
  With conventional radiators about 90% of the heat emitted goes straight above your head. This is because radiators work almost entirely by convection, sending currents of warm air to the ceiling that returns as cold draughts at floor level. This results in all the all too familiar effects:
  • Cold feet and general discomfort
  • Uneven heating
  • Increased risk of damp and condensation
  • The warmest part of the room is the ceiling!
  • Inefficiency and expense

Why Choose Thermotech

Grundfos Pumps for Under Floor Heating Pegler Quality Brassware used in underfloor heating Honeywell Innovative Heating Controls for underfloor heating Celotex Thermal Insulation for use under underfloor heating

Quality and Efficiency by Design

As plumbing and heating engineers with 40 years experience, we initially became involved with UFH as an approved installer for another system.
We became aware of the shortfalls of some of the systems on the market. In particular systems that utilised components not readily available in the UK such as non-standard pipe sizes and a lack of control in individual zones.
It was our opinion, which remains true to this day, that many of these systems had been designed around low cost components to minimise the initial cost of the system with little regard to the long-term efficiency, reliability and running costs.
We decided the best way forward was to design and build a system that encompassed quality and efficiency, one that heating engineers would want to install in their own property. A system that used readily available components in UK sizes (i.e. 15mm and 22mm not 16mm, 18mm or 20mm) where quality was never sacrificed to cost and full control is a standard feature not an optional extra.
To this end all our systems use components from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Pegler, Grundfos and Celotex.
Thermotech was born.