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Underfloor Heating Pipe

Underfloor heating Design

To ensure maximum efficiency, each warm water underfloor heating system is designed and installed by our engineers to meet the requirements of your property.

We will design a wet underfloor heating system based on your plans and your needs. This may take into account alternative energy forms such as solar and geothermal as the heat generator.

We can also take into account such aspects as positioning and concealing the underfloor heating manifold. Unlike some off-the-shelf products we were able to design and construct this manifold to fit within this cupboard.


We will present you with a quotation for installing the underfloor heating system to the above design, so that you can compare the true value of our systems with others, that may appear to be a cheaper option on the surface, to ensure that you get the best value for money and not just the lowest price.

If you are opting for the Self Preparation Allowance a checklist of the work that you need to complete prior to our arrival is included. Please remember that all our underfloor heating system quotes are for supply, and fit as detailed in the quote schedule.

Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

Floor insulation

Wet underfloor heating systems utilise water circulating through pipework in the floor to provide an even, low temperature heat source that warms the room from the ground up. The lower water temperature requirement enables a large number or alternative heat sources to be used, including solar, ground source and air source heat pumps. It also eliminates thermal draughts that are created by conventional wall mounted radiators, to provide a more comfortable and controllable heating.

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Our professional team will conduct a site survey in which we’ll provide you with a completely bespoke and affordable quote for the cost of your home.

Underfloor heating Repairs

Trained Thermotech technicians can undertake repairs on a wide range of warm water underfloor heating systems, in residential and commercial properties. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment, including thermal imaging equipment and digital test equipment, we are able to identify underfloor heating problems including those problems where the under floor pipe loops that carry the water have been damaged.
This repair service can also incorporate identifying the source of the leak or damage and excavating a small area of the floor to effect a repair to the underfloor heating pipe. However, please note that our underfloor heating repair service does not extend to relaying the floor, replacing tiles, laminates or carpets etc. and that this would be the responsibility of the client.

We can offer a diagnostics only service, to assist in-house maintenance staff in resolving underfloor heating problems. Or, in most cases, we can offer a full underfloor heating repair service. Please note that we specialise in wet underfloor heating systems and do not undertake any work on electric underfloor heating systems.

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[ Why Choose Underfloor Heating ]

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating produces radiant heat directly beneath your feet and places you in a comfort zone that’s ideal for your health and wealth.

  • More environmentally friendly than radiators due to the lower energy demands
  • Invisible heat source
  • Design freedom
  • Easy to decorate
  • Lower running costs
  • More comfortable heat
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Safer for children and the elderly
  • Eliminate thermal draught
  • Reduced carpet mites


[ Why Avoid Radiators ]

The Disadvantages to Radiators

With conventional radiators about 90% of the heat emitted goes straight above your head. This is because radiators work almost entirely by convection, sending currents of warm air to the ceiling that returns as cold draughts at floor level. This results in all the all too familiar effects:

  • Cold feet and general discomfort
  • Uneven heating
  • Increased risk of damp and condensation
  • The warmest part of the room is the ceiling!
  • Inefficiency and expense
Heating Radiator Dial

Frequently Asked Questions

A reduction in the temperature from 21 to 20 can result in a 10% reduction in energy required and subsequently running costs and carbon emissions. Therefore the more control that you have, the greater the potential savings. (Building Regulations Part L1 state that a way of demonstrating compliance would be to control the temperatures independently in areas that have different heating needs, such as sleeping and living areas.)

Theoretically you could. However, as a specialist company we can offer you the assurance that the system is installed to ensure maximum efficiency. Considering that, by its very nature, underfloor heating loops will not be accessible after the floor screed is down – do you want to get it wrong?

Yes, providing that you lay it to the appropriate standard. In particular there should be no gaps, joints should be staggered, the whole floor must be insulated including that fiddly 36mm down one side, to prevent thermal bridging when the screed is laid. If you’d prefer to leave it to us then that’s fine and all our standard quotations include the labour cost for this. If insulation has been laid and does not to comply with current regulations then we reserve the right to suspend installation. Furthermore, we will make an additional charge if this delays the progress of the installation

First of all it has to be said that you sound like a person who should not be let loose with power tools! But if you do manage to damage the loops in this way then we can effect a repair without digging up the entire floor. That said we have never been called upon to perform such a repair.

Yes, we are able to offer a fault finding and repair service on a wide range of water based underfloor heating systems. Using thermal image equipment we are even able to identify problem areas within the floor itself and suggest remedies, or repair the system. We can provide a report and recommendation service only or, offer a repair solution.
In most cases underfloor heating faults can be fixed with a minimum of disruption. However, if the fix involves work to the heating loops then some disruption will be inevitable. The amount will depend on the design of the underfloor heating system, the construction of the floor and the exact cause of the breakdown.
Please note that due to the range of systems available we cannot give advice over the telephone or by email to underfloor heating faults, causes or possible remedies. If you would like further information on underfloor heating repairs where the system was installed by someone other than Thermotech please complete the Enquiry Form and we will contact you