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We design, hand-build and install underfloor heating systems that deliver quality, long term efficiency, reliability and lower running costs.

For almost three decades we have installed our quality systems in new build developments, self-build properties and commercial premises.

Our engineers have decades of project management experience which brings a wealth of knowledge and know how to your underfloor heating installation. This knowledge and know how comes at no additional cost to your project.

Our underfloor heating systems are designed and installed by our heating engineers and are not sub contracted. By adopting this policy, we are confident our systems are installed to the highest standard.

We are a family owned business with over 40 years experience in the industry. We are passionate about plumbing and heating and pride ourselves on offering that personal service and engaging directly with our clients.

We have specialised for over three decades in the design and installation of underfloor heating systems all tailored to client’s individual needs. It all started way back when our Company became approved installers for a world renowned brand. It was not long before we became aware of the shortfalls of underfloor heating systems on and emerging into the market. In particular systems that utilised components not readily available in the UK; namely non standard pipe sizes and a lack of control in individual zones along with OEM parts. In 2020 the issues we identified many years ago are now manifesting to be even a bigger problem with companies no longer trading resulting in no availability for spare parts.

It is our opinion that remains true to this day, many of these systems had been designed around low cost components to minimise the initial cost of the system with little regard to the long-term efficiency, reliability and running costs. We decided the best way forward was to design and build a system that encompassed quality and efficiency, one that heating engineers would want to install in their own homes. A system that used readily available components in the UK where quality was never sacrificed to cost and full control is a standard feature not an optional extra. Our systems use components from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Pegler, Grundfos and alike. Our components are sourced from European manufacturers and we do not knowingly source from the Far East.

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